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Cap Tires

After acquiring BSR in February of 2003 John went right to work to make the BSR rubber capped tire even better than it had been for years. Improvements in consistency were first on the list. That has been accomplished. You can now bolt on 4 new tires and they will be just like the last 4 new tires you bolted on. The days of excessive out of roundness and wobble are gone for good!

List of Improvements:

  • New cap design – Cap now fits same on back side as front. This was major in consistency from one set to another.
  • More stringent controls over rubber processing to ensure every tire performs the same as last one.
  • New high quality inner liner foam.

Only the very best rubber compounds are used in BSR Radial tires. These tires are long lasting while ensuring optimum performance. No other tire manufacturer offers as many different compounds as BSR can. All compounds are rated by firmness, from Red being the softest to Orange being the hardest.

John’s new improved and fastest radial tire ever, are offer in the 3001 Factory Pro, Pro Lite and EHW or Velodrome Rated radial tires, plus our all new Touring Car caps!

Keep an eye on our SETUP TIPS section for secrets from the Pros on Tire care and prep along with Car set up.

New & Improved 1/12th Scale Caps to be released April, 2005

Color Codes:

Red Red
Softest compound, recommended for low bank or low traction concrete and asphalt tracks. (Racer tip – using red compound tires on the inside of your oval car will give you optimum cornering speed).
Pink Pink (Revised in 2004 to new soft compound)
Medium/soft compound, recommended for flat asphalt and concrete tracks.
Green Green
Medium compound, recommended for most concrete and asphalt tracks.
Blue Blue
Medium compound, recommended for most concrete and asphalt tracks (this compound is a little harder than green).
Gold Gold
Medium/hard compound
Silver Silver
Hard compound, works well on high bite concrete tracks.
Orange Orange
Very hard compound, recommended for extremely high bite concrete tracks. This compound is a low traction tire.