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10th Scale Foams

10th Scale Foam

1/10th Scale Fronts

1/10th Scale Rears
Color Part S.R.P. Color Part S.R.P.
Med Blue F1000 $25.00 *Green F1004 $25.00
*Firm Blue F1001 $25.00 Pearl White F1030 $28.00
*Green F1003 $20.00 White F1006 $28.00
Pearl White F1029 $25.00 Gray/White F1012 $28.00
White F1005 $25.00 Gray F1008 $28.00
Gray F1007 $25.00 Black F1032 $28.00
Black F1031 $25.00 *Gold F1010 $28.00
Black/Silver F1037 $25.00 Silver F1014 $28.00
Gray/Silver 70/30 F1011 $25.00 Pink F1016 $28.00
Gray/Silver 50/50 F1011 $25.00 XX Pink F1018 $28.00
*Silver F1013 $25.00 Purple F1022 $28.00
Pink F1015 $25.00 Team Purple F1034 $28.00
XX Pink F1017 $25.00 XX Purple F1024 $28.00
Purple F1019 $25.00
Team Purple F1033 $25.00
XX Purple F1021 $25.00
Purple/Orange F1025 $25.00 Updated 5/07

It is finally here, BSR’s 10th Scale Foam Tire Compound information.

After acquiring BSR I had a lot of work to do in this area to find out exactly what was needed and how to organize it. With the ever changing racing environments and equipment we race and use today, we at BSR set out to get the job done. After nearly 2 years of new R&D we have accomplished the goal. R&D is still on going and always will be on going to continue to keep BSR as a top performing tire with winning results.

10th scale Oval racing is very car setup orientated. This is what drives many of us to continue racing for many years. We at BSR hope to help all oval racers in this area to make your racing experience more enjoyable by supplying you with good information on our tires and also much advice on car set in our section on Setup Tips. Many of our top drivers will be sharing their setup tips there that make them successful.

Durometer numbers are based on our in house industrial durometer and may or may not correspond to yours. These numbers are only given as a reference to compare firmness between colors.

Color Codes:

Green Green – Duro 30-35
Medium-soft Traditional US green.
Blue Firm Blue – Duro 55-65
Hard compound recommended on high traction banked carpet tracks. Also offered as a spec tire for front tires.
Gold Gold – Duro 40-45 Medium-firm for high bite carpet tracks. Silver and gold are BSR exclusive compounds from Japan (not the old TRC silver and gold). A gold at 40 and a gray at 40, gold has less traction than a gray and alittle more wear.
Silver Silver – Duro 45-50
Firm compound for high bite carpet tracks.
Pearl-White – Duro 25-30
Soft compound, recommended for mostly carpet tracks.
Great left side compound.
White White – Duro 30-35
Medium/soft compound, recommended for mostly carpet tracks. Can be used on asphalt but wears alot on asphalt.
Gray Gray – Duro 35-40
Medium compound recommended for mostly carpet tracks but also used on asphalt.
Gray/Silver Gray/Silver
Dual compound-silver on outside of gray. Medium-Firm
This is a good stock right front tire.
Black – Duro 40-45
Awesome right side tire on carpet tracks. Works well for left front on banked tracks. Good right rear tire on very high bite tracks in stock.
Pink Pink – Duro 30-35
Soft compound recommended for carpet and asphalt racing. Low wear/longer lasting characteristics.
Pink/Pink Double Pink – Duro 35-40
Medium compound recommended for carpet and asphalt racing. This is equivalent to Jaco pink.
Low wear/longer lasting characteristics.
Purple Purple – Duro 38-43
BSR developed their own mix of select sheets and seam positioning for our purple. BSR’s single purple is different than others. If you want a purple similar to say Jaco use Our Double purple.
Medium/firm compound recommended for carpet and asphalt racing. Low wear/ longer lasting characteristics.
Purple/Orange Purple/Orange
Dual compound tire for carpet tracks. Helps prevent traction roll.
Purple/Purple Double Purple – Duro 45-50
Firm compound recommended on high traction asphalt and carpet tracks. Equivalent to Jaco purple. Low wear/longer lasting characteristics.
Red Red
Firm compound recommended on asphalt for front tire