BSR Foam Tires
10th Scale Foam
10th Scale Foam
12th Scale Foams
12th Scale Foam
RC18T / Mini-T
RC18T / Mini-T
Touring Car Foams
Touring Car Foam
Spec Foam
Spec Foam
BSR Cap Tires
3001 Factory Pro NET Radial Tires
3001 Factory Pro NET Radial
EHW (Extremely Hot Weather)
Extremely Hot Weather
Pro-Lite Radial Tires
Pro-Lite Radial
Touring Car Cap
Touring Car Cap

Custom Works Dirt Foam

CW Fronts

CW Rears

Color Part S.R.P. Color Part S.R.P.
SILVER C1013 $27.50 SILVER C1014 $34.50
PINK C1015 $27.50 PINK C1016 $34.50
XX Pink C1017 $27.50 XX Pink C1018 $34.50
Purple C1019 $27.50 Purple C1022 $34.50
30 C3001 $27.50 30 C3002 $34.50
Donuts Dxxxx $24.00 Donuts Dxxxx $30.00

New for 2006/2007 Season we are offering donuts for the racers who want to mount their own. Just substitute a D for the C before the number.